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  • Bands saw blade HELP!

    I have a Ridgid BS1400. How is the Laguna recut blade. vers. Timberwolf are the other quality blades. I am new to a lot of this and looking to learn from others. Also what width blade would be best.
    I was planning on cutting some 1 1/2 X 10 inch rough cut curly poplar. This i was hoping to get 1/2" planed boards to glue and fabricate panels for shop cabinets.
    Thanks for any help Tommy

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    If you call Timberwolf CS and tell them what kind of saw you have and what you want to do, they will recommend the blade you need.
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      1/2" 3tpi will be all you need. No band saw blades will ever give you a clean cut like a table saw therefore when people say "the more teeth the cleaner the cut" you can pretty much consider that bogus. Three teeth per inch (tpi) is perfect for re-sawing, cutting tenons, ripping and even cross cutting. Get yourself a few good steel blades 1/2" 3tpi and you are set for a long time.
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        Hey Capttt,

        What kind of saw do you have? If you can spin a 3/4" to 1" blade, then feel free to invest $145 plus in one band saw blade! Please promise to let us know the quality of the results.

        I know of one shop here intown that uses the Laguna Re-Saw blade, but they do one of a kind, museum quality work and often by entire logs rather than dimentioned lumber.

        I could buy 10 Timber wolf blades for the price of one Laguna, but then again, my Ridgid Band saw wont turn the steel band.


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          The Timberwolf AS-S 3/4" x 3 TPI is designed for resawing or veneer cutting in expensive woods. As it is only .025" thick and made from a high silicon steel, it doesn't need as much tension to track properly as a normal steel blade does. I'd guess about 30% less. That way you still can properly tension and use a 3/4" blade rather than a 1/2" blade. Iturra roller bearing guides also seem to help when resawing. No, I don't work for Timberwolf, but I do use their blades and like them. To get to their website google "Suffolk Machinery". They have a lot of online information about using and setting up bandsaws. Hope this helps.


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            I have resawed with Timberwolf blades on my Ridgid Band Saw, 1/2" and 3/4". Not impressed with the blades. Joint is not accurate and they dull fast. I have had best luck with Olsen blades. The weld joint is more aligned and they stay sharper my opinon. (Red Oak, Walnut, Hard Birdseye Maple, Soft Curly Maple, Poplar, Clear Pine, and Cedar)

            Carbide or composit blades are not recommended on 14" flywheeled band saws. The arc is too great puting excess stress on the blank causing premature stress failure due to the process of incorperating the carbide to the blank. But will produce unmatched results in resawing when aligned for drift.
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