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My Decked Out Model R4511 Table Saw

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  • My Decked Out Model R4511 Table Saw

    I made the following additions and modifications to my Model R4511:
    • Improved Mobile Base
    • Internal Baffling
    • Improved Dust Collection
    • On-Board Storage Cabinets
    • Rear Extension Table
    • Downdraft Side Extension Table
    • Upgraded Rip Fence to Delta Unifence
    • Relocated Tilt Handwheel
    • Digital Tilt Angle Indicator
    • Zero Clearance Inserts
    • Upgraded Miter Gage
    • Upgraded Power Switch
    • Converted to 240VAC
    Each of these improvements have been discussed in detail in a blog found here:
    Decked Out Ridgid Model R4511 Table Saw @ ~ woodworking community

    These improvements have made a great tablesaw into an even greater one! What a joy to use!
    Please check it out -- perhaps there are some ideas that you could put to work in your own shop.
    Some of the improvements were based upon ideas posted on this forum and others. Thanks to those of you who shared your improvements to this great tool.

    Paul, in Auburn, WA
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    Re: My Decked Out Model R4511 Table Saw

    Very nicely done Paul. I liked all the modifications but your modification to the dust collection system was especially impressive.
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      Re: My Decked Out Model R4511 Table Saw

      welcome to the forum, paul. that's a terific second post. there's a lot to digest in your blog as there are a lot of great ideas for things i've been wondering about for some time. i especially like that relocated tilt wheel. ducking under the two emerson built 10" TSs i have is annoying. do you have any idea of what the flexible shaft product used by your fellow lumber jocksposter was? in the greater NYC are. we don't have a lot of farm supply stores, so i'm wondering what that flexible shaft was, how he connected it to the angle adjustment rod and the handwheel and what led you to not use it in your modification. great job with the 4511. looks like a treasure trove of ideas there. really quite implressive.
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        Re: My Decked Out Model R4511 Table Saw

        Hi FINER9998,

        Thanks for your kind comments. I hope the ideas presented in my blog will inspire some of the many R4511 owners that frequent this forum, as I was inspired by some of their ideas posted here for improvements to this great tool.
        Here is the post on the Lumberjock forum regarding the flex hose adaptation: ANGLE DRIVE TILT - by kiefer @ ~ woodworking community As I mentioned in my blog, I didn't use this method, tho it would have been simpler, because I don't think I would have had enough room. Also, I didn't have access to the type of hydraulic flex hose he used. In addition, I wanted to reuse the original handwheel and bar knob, which would have required more adaptation. Kiefer is a great guy, so I'm sure he would be glad to answer questions for you.


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          Re: My Decked Out Model R4511 Table Saw

          That's a work of art. It looks too good to use!


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            Re: My Decked Out Model R4511 Table Saw

            I bet that thing weighs a lot, looks like a great job,
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              Re: My Decked Out Model R4511 Table Saw

              paul, ever had a problem keeping the RA drill chock tightened on the saw's bevel rod? and, being pretty cheap (or is it "green"), i'm trying to think of a way to re purpose the column raising mechanism of older (radial 100) craftsman radial arm saw. i've removed the column support, elevation crank shaft asembly and the elevation shaft assembly from a c-man RAS. any thoughts you would be willing to provide regarding attaching the TSs bevel rod (similar to that on your 4511) to the elevation shaft assembly rod (part 28 in figure 2 of this manual) would be greatly appreciated.

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                Re: My Decked Out Model R4511 Table Saw

                Thanks, BHD. Actually, since it started out weighing something like 450 lbs, I don't think I added more than 50-60lbs. All of the parts that look like metal are painted plywood.


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                  Re: My Decked Out Model R4511 Table Saw

                  Thanks, hewood. It works as well as it looks!