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    To Jake: I'm 99 % convinced that I want to buy a Ts2424. Couple of questions: is the front fence rail 1 piece or two? Is the table edge beveled? Does the blade guard stay up while you change blades. How doe the fence compare to the one on the new sears 24". I'm replacing an old Craftsman and hope I have as good as luck with yours. I'm pretty sure your company made my old one,too. [img]smile.gif[/img]
    He who dies with the most power tools wins!

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    I am not Jake, but I can answer a few of your questions if you don't mind.

    1. Is the front fence rail 1 piece or two? Both fence rails are 1 piece.

    2. Is the table edge beveled? De-burred, Works great…

    3.Does the blade guard stay up while you change blades? Yes it stays up but don't shake the table much and keep an eye on it. For as often as I change blade, I loosen the wing screw and slip off the guard, change the blade and put it back on again, check it and your cutting again... Takes me 4 min. max to do the whole job...

    4.How does the fence compare to the one on the new sears 24"? Similar.

    Advantages over Sears: Lifetime Warranty, Machined Steel Pulley and Poly-V Belt, Herc-U-Lift caster system, Dual Voltage, Storage Hooks for Fence and Miter Gauge, Miter Gauge Hold Down, 7" Dado Insert, Dust Collector and Vacuum Hose, and this great forum to answer your questions... You will never get the customer service from Sears that you will get from Ridgid. Did I miss anything? Hopefully this convinced you 100%... This saw is the cats meow...
    Regards,<br /><br />Big Johnson<br /><br />Pictures: <a href=\" gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php\" target=\"_blank\"> gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php</a>


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      Big J
      I second the motion that its the cats Meow. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        Thanx guys: I've been procrastinating for about 3 months now. Actually had the sears on order at $100.00 off but cancelled it after seeing that it was made in Taiwan, but mostly because of this forum and all the help everyone gives to questions. Try posting a question on the sears board some time. Must be on a different planet. Anyway, I'm on a budget because my wife and I are both disabled, abd the Ts 2424 looks like it would do just about anything. Thanks to all [img]smile.gif[/img]
        He who dies with the most power tools wins!


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          THe TS2424 is heavier than the TS2412, TS2424 is high dollar, TS2412 differance is the TS2424 has cast iron wings / TS2412 has pressed sheet metal wings, other than that the are the SAME saw / TS2412 cost is less. I have the TS2412 and find NO problems..(I spent the extra on a Forrest WWII blade, check it out,jointer quality cut)
          I cut some oak and glued them last night as a mater of fact,,hope that this will help dd


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            You are right about Ridgid (Emerson) having made the Craftsman ts's in the past. It is my understanding the current vintage comes from Ryobi.

            I have the 2424 and have been very satisfied with it. One of the best values out there. Great bang for the buck.

            BTW, I like your name.

            Good luck,
            Wood Dog


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              ..."other than that [steel wings] the are the SAME saw"

              Not entirely correct. At the very least, the motors are also different.



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                I think that there is a big difference between the 2424 and the 2412. Definitely more than the difference in price.
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                  I guess the last question I have is about the fence. Wood magazine tested fences a couple of years ago and gave a really good review of the craftsman fence. I guess it's made somewhere in Canada. I saw a review of the TS2424 fence in Popular woodworking( i think), and they said it didn't self-align. I welcome anyone's response, as this is the last hang-up I have
                  He who dies with the most power tools wins!


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                    As far as the fence, as long as you apply a little pressure forward on the fence as you lock it in place, it will absolutely lock square. It is not really a big deal. I am very happy with the fence on the 2424. I looked into replacing with a Beismeyer, but the 2424 fence is way too good to justify the $250.00 that the Beis costs.

                    Hope this helps
                    -Rob<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a> <br />Damn, I hit the wrong nail again. Ouch that hurts


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                      My experience with the 2424 is a bit limited, but thus far I've had no problems with the fence holding alignment, provided you adjust it correctly in the first place -- and the adjustment is quite easy to make. A lot of what I do involves either ripping thin strips or cutting edge dados, for either of which the paralellism of the fence is crucial. I check it virtually every time I use the saw, but sliding it so that the edge of the fence and the edge of the right-hand miter slot are flush, then locking it, then running my finger along the joint. A crude test, perchance, but thus far I've noticed no movement after locking and no movement of the adjustment.

                      One thing I particularly like about the fence is the slot for attaching auxilliary fences using square-head bolts. I have three such aux's (and making more), and while I have to swap the square bolts because there were only three sets in the saw package and I haven't located more in the hardware store yet, the setup is really neat.


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                        The square bolts you are talking about are listed on the parts page for the TS2424 on this website. If you click on fig 4 (fence assembly) they are listed as illustration parts 37,38,39. The complete part number is listed there for the square bolt, washer, and hex nut. It appears to be available for order although I have not yet tried. I plan to order several sets for the same reason you listed. I'm sure the postage will be highter than the cost but I have not been able to find hardware like this anywhere else.

                        Wood Dog.


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                          Thanks. I will probably order a couple of sets from the Web page, but the advantage of going to the hardware store is that every time they don't have what I need, they have something else that I want. Oh, dear.


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                            I have the same problem when I go to the hardware store... My wife would like to wire me to a shock collar so every time I even got close to stopping, I got zapped...

                            She told me today she wanted a new Kitchen Aid Mixer because her old mixer doesn't have enough power... I told her to stick a beater in the Drill press and look out... Hmmm, wonder if I could make a bowl holding jig for the DP???
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                              Motivation to go to the "TOY STORE" as SHE calls it is not in short supply. The trick is to convince her that I HAVE to go, not that I WANT to go. I usually complain about the traffic and the crowds and the time, etc. etc. I try to sling it but I'm not sure much of it sticks. I admit the basic strategy is little like Brer Rabbit's pleading to "what ever you do, please don't throw me in dat briar patch."

                              Shop Dog