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TS2424 Heel Adjustment Question

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  • TS2424 Heel Adjustment Question

    My new TS2424 came with the trunnions adjusted so that the blade was only about 1/32" from the blade insert. I followed the instructions in the manual and loosened the trunion bolts to try to adjust it. I found that I could move the rear trunion but that the front wouldn't budge (despite the bolts being really loose). After messing around for a while I finally realized that the tilt drive screw was stopping the front from moving since it was attached to both the trunnion and the cabinet. By turning the tilt knob (with tilt locked) I can move the trunnion back and forth. This made me think that this might be a better way to adjust the heel than the micro adjust. Use the following procedure:
    1) Loosen the trunnion bolts. Lock the tilt.
    2) Once the distance from the insert is OK snug up the center rear bolt to form a pivot point.
    3)Use the tilt knob to move the fron trunnion until the blade is parallel to the miter groove.
    4) Tighten all the bolts.

    This seemed to work for me. The advantage is that the big tilt knob is way easier to adjust than the little set screws. Comments anyone? Jake? Is there something wrong with this method? It seemed to work for me.


    P.S. The manual should clarify that the front trunnion won't move unless the tilt is turned.

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    I discovered this also. My method is a blend of the manual's and yours. I do use the tilt crank to set the front trunion but then use the micro adjust screw to fine tune the rear. I find its easier to make micro adjustments using the small set screws.

    You're right though, the tilt crank does need mentioned in the manual as it too me a few minutes to figure out why the front of the blade wasn't moving. Please pass it on, Jake. Thanks!
    - Tim


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      I double checked the heel measurement with a dial indicator in the miter groove and was able to get 0.002" deviation from the front to back of the blade in less than 5 minutes. I think it's a better method than the micro adjust. I have a hard time with those little set screws. The only thing to note is not to turn the wheel too fast since is kind of "oozes" another couple of mils after your stop turning as everything settles into place.


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        On the manual mentioning the front trunion, I agree and next version of that manual should include that info.

        IT sounds like the method you use works just fine. I'll pass it along to the engineers.



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          I have a question about loosening the trunions. The manual says to raise the saw blade as high as it will go, then to loosen the trunions. On my TS2424 you can't see the front trunions with the blade raised. Is there a step I missed such as removing the belt, etc. Thanks.


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            Bill: you can loosen the trunions, then raise the blade, either way will work.

            All: Just a quick tip, when checking the heel do not crank the blade up all the way. Hitting the upward stop on the carriage can cause an ever-so-slight heal change. Rather set the blade at about 3" to check the heel.