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  • BS1400

    I've been using my band saw for about 2 years without any complications. When I turn it on now the tire on the top pulley slips out from under the blade and off of the pulley. I remounted the tire and check the blade tension, and again the tire slipped out when I powered up. I can't tell if the tires need to be changed out, or if there is another alignment issue. Any ideas.

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    IF the tires are coming off the wheel I would say they have stretched and need to be replaced. You likely have an allignment issue but that will be difficult to adjust if the tire moves on the wheel as well as the blade. Tires should not be glued but they should be tight enough to stay put on the wheel


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      You may have an alignment problem but that shouldn't cause the tire to come off. I would take the top wheel off and remove the tire to check the wheel for any problems. Tires have to be stretched quite a bit when you install them so if your tire comes off by itself its' probably time for new tires. I don't know what the tires with your Ridgid BS are made of but I would put two urethane tires back on. They are available at most online dealers. Hartville offers a 15% discount to all WOODNET members. Just access the WOODNET site and register and if you order from Hartville tell them you are a WOODNET member and you get the discount.


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        I am having the same problem as woodcutter, only my saw is new. Any ideas on what else to try? Keep trying "tracking the blade" but no help.


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          I just bought a BS1400 yesterday and am having the same problem. The top tire keeps coming off. When I adjust the tracking, I have to compromise the adjustment since if the top is centered the bottom is off and vice versa, so I suspect that may have something to do with it. Other than that, I have rechecked all other adjustments.

          Any more thoughts?