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  • Elementary Planer Question

    I had a friend plane some 1x6s for me but he is as green as I am. When I ran into problems with rabbet joints not lining up, I discovered that the boards vary in thickness by up to 3/32. My question is this; if I had a planer, could I set it so the board would finish out to a specific depth? If so, what brand of planer seems to be the most accurate? I'm hoping my spouse surprises me on my birthday next week with the TP1300 I have been admiring for the last 3 months but maybe there is a more accurate planer out there.
    Your input is appreciated.

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    you can expect to plane boards to within, say, 3/1000's of an inch. When I get that close on my DeWalt 12" planer, I'm satisfied.

    The key is starting out with a flat face(side), which you obtain by running across a jointer. Once you get one face flat, run it through the planer with the flat face down to get to the final thickness. Keep checking it with a micrometer. Also, once to side you are planning is even i.e. flat, alternate the faces as you run them through the planer. To avoid tear-out, make sure to plane "with the grain".

    The TP1300 gets excellent reviews from everything I've seen on different forums, which are more reliable than magazine reviews.

    rotsa ruck & bee safe

    Rodney J in TX


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      I had a caftsman and the head bearnings went out in the middle of my ship lap siding project. No time to fix, so I got the TP1300..What a differance, like night and day. I only wish that I had known about the ridgid 5 years ago, would NOT trade for any other. the TP1300 is as far as I know a GREAT unit , lighter than others,ease of set up and much quieter than the crafstman. Blade changing is also easier. If my TP1300 "took a walk, I would get another ASAP ,,dd


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        When I want all of my pieces to be the same thickness, I run them through the planner, one right after the other, without changing anything on the planner. Be sure to have all of the boards close to the same thickness when you do this.

        I have the TP1300 and find that it is a great tool, as accurate and sa little quieter than the competition.