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R4512 - Fence adjustment

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  • R4512 - Fence adjustment

    Hello there! New member, new owner of a Ridgid 4512 table saw (as of today). Got it down into the basement shop / 'man cave' and almost completely assembled. Just got the fences mounted, and I'm at the point where the instructions say to lay the fence on the rails, etc. etc.... problem is my fence is so tight I have to push down on it until it kind of 'pops' into place. Yes, I am hooking over the rear rail first. Once its in place its so snug I can barely move it at all, and I can't put the fence handle down more than a couple inches without worrying about squeezing too much and crushing the rails.

    Looking thru the manual, it doesn't really speak to this specific adjustment on the fence. In a few places it does mention a clamping screw on the back end of the fence - problem is that end of my fence doesn't quite look the same as what the pic shows in the manual. It looks like they are referring to a screw towards the top of the fence, which I don't think does much other than hold the end cap in place. It *looks* like loosening that big ny-lock nut on the end of the rod that runs to the rear clamp would do the job... but that sure ain't what it calls out in the manual. Hence, my question here for you folks.