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Best way to clamp this joint? Recommendation needed

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  • Best way to clamp this joint? Recommendation needed

    I have ripped a board by tilting the blade at 45 degrees on my table saw.

    The idea is to glue these two pieces at a 90 degree angle


    What's the best way to clamp this together so that it has a good bond. I am planning to use a biscuit jointer to have the pieces align properly, but can't find a good way to apply the pressure needed to allow the glue to dry.

    Thanks in advance
    - J

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    Not sure how large you piece is but for molding and smaller pieces I have had great success with masking tape. Lay the parts to be glued flat with the miters down and facing each other. Put masking tape across the joint at a few locations to hold the outside edge of the joint closed. Now flip it over add glue and fold the parts together. Use another piece of tape on the diagonal to hold the inside edge closed at 45.
    If your parts are large you could make a jig out of wood buy cutting 45* notches in two pieces and then clamp those pieces to your project. Now you can use an F clamp to hold your 45* corner. Looks like this...


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      If you are using biscuits I would think regular clamps would work. It cannot misalign with biscuits.


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        Regular clamping did work.
        The biscuts ensured that it cannot be misaligned

        thanks for the suggestions!
        - J