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TS fence binding up

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  • TS fence binding up

    Hello there!

    Trying to sort out the last few gremlins on my new R4512... one of the issues is that when I move the saw out to the right (facing the saw) from the middle of the steel wing on out, the fence suddenly binds up and won't move. Further investigation shows that it is dropping down and digging into/gouging the front aluminum fence rail. Any ideas or suggestions?

    Right side of fence runner on rail, over on left side of blade (note the gap along the curved portion of the rail):

    Right side of fence runner on rail, over right wing (if you look close you can see where it is contacting metal-on-metal, and has scraped up the rail):

    I've checked and double-checked the rails level to the table, the wings level to the table and slightly below flush, the rear fence clamp not dragging or even touching when not clamped down, and I've adjusted the nylon glide screws to raise the fence up as high as I can get it without having the fence head casting actually higher than the main table.

    It almost seems like the fence rail contour is changing somehow further along that section...?

    Any ideas or suggestions?



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    Re: TS fence binding up

    Mine did the same thing... There are a couple of plastic flathead screws on top of the fence handle. I adjusted them and it eventually fixed the problem. At least I think that's what fixed it. Alot of metal was shaved off during the adjustment process when I was sliding it back and forth and that may have just evened out the rails.