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Freud "Quadra Cut" Raised Panel Router Bit Review

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  • Freud "Quadra Cut" Raised Panel Router Bit Review

    I am currently building a kitchen Island, and I need to build some raised panel doors to match the existing kitchen. Typically, I make doors and end panels with 1/4 inch plywood panels, but I want to use a raised panel on this project to match the rest of the kitchen.

    Anyways, since I typically don't make raised panels, I needed to buy a bit. I bought a Freud Quadra-Cut 3.5" Ogee raised panel bit (model 99-520). It is a newer addition to the Freud Line up, and has 4 cutting edges. I thought it would be a good investment for my collection, so i bought one for 99.00.

    I did some test cuts this afternoon, and I am really impressed with this bit. The bit cut through the brown maple test piece like butter. I used a series of 3 passes on a 2.5 HP router set at 12,000 RPM.

    The results were excellent. Here are some photos. I havn't done any sanding or touch up to the work piece. This is directly off the router.

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	panel 3 resize.jpg
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    To be fair, however, I didn't do any cross grain cuts - I didn't have a panel size piece of scrap lying around. When I make the panels for the island, I'll update this review and post a pic or two.

    The dust was a bit more than what I am used to. There were also some "fluffy" sections of saw dust, very light. This is probably from the extra two cutters shaving over the profile.

    Overall, I am impressed and will buy more of the Quarda-Cut bits. I typically use Lee Valley Bits, but will now buy the Freud if available in the same profile.

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    Re: Freud "Quadra Cut" Raised Panel Router Bit Review

    I have two of their quadra-cut bits, not a panel raiser butthey have been great for me. I would consider buying more next time i need a bit. Glad to hear you are happy with yours.
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      Re: Freud "Quadra Cut" Raised Panel Router Bit Review

      I have the quadra-cut cove panel raising bit from Freud as well as the rail and stile bits from Lee Valley. I built my kitchen with them and was very impressed with them. I was going to use a cheaper bit that I got off ebay, but I'm glad I got the Freud. Very good results, especially on the end grain. I too used 3 passes with a 3.25 HP router. Mine has a back cutter, so I had to adjust the fence for each pass rather than raise the bit for each pass.

      Anyway, to sum up, you've got a great bit, and should get some great results. I think the four cutters rather than two makes a big difference. Enjoy.


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        Re: Freud "Quadra Cut" Raised Panel Router Bit Review

        I see this is your first post doak. Welcome to the forum!