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TS 3612 Vaccum hookup

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  • TS 3612 Vaccum hookup

    I purchased vaccum attachement from Rigid for 3612 saw.But it does not work . If I hookup the shop vac to this it does not collect all the dust. It probably collect 50% of the dust.

    Is there better way of collecting dust ?


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    If you check the archives here, you'll find some discussion/ideas on dust collection for the Ridgid TS-----You are never going to get the same results with a shop vac as you would with a dust collector----but you can improve it by narrowing the ways air can get into the saw----the main one is to enclose the back as much as possible---there were some good pictures of enclosures people had made in past posts.


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      To get it to pick up 90% of the dust, you'll need to block off the entire cabinet back. A shop vac can't get it all. I have the same setup and it gets 65-70% of the dust. Remember to put in the little attachment on the back of the cabinet or it won't get any of it. Everything that goes into the hopper is picked up on my you have a big shopvac or a small one?
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        I have large Rigid wet/dry vaccum. just like large shop vac.

        I am new to this board. how can I archive posting on this subject ?



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          To get near perfect dust collection on your 3612. Buy and fit for $10 a 14" x 14" TS plastic fitting with 4" opening for the bottom of the saw.(Griz, WWS, LV, etc., It's the standard 14" x 14" x 4" plastic fitting).

          Make two pieces of hardboard/cardboard/1/8" ply for the rear of the saw opening as described in numerous postings, attached with magnets, duct tape or velcro...this ain't rocket science! You can of course leave openings in the rear of the cabinet. This will allow the right amount of airflow to suck thru the cabinet and remove almost all the dust & chips.

          There's one thing to add. To be as effective as possible you need a DC! Shop-Vac of 6HP+ maybe OK, but DC with 4"++ works! So for a $149 outlay with HF for a 2HP DC why wait??