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jointer infeed problem

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  • jointer infeed problem

    greetings all!

    i've had the jp610 for the last several months now and it's been serving me great for both edge and face jointing but i've noticed one small problem: when i have the depth gauge set at 0", the jointer still takes off at least 1/32 of material! has anyone else had this problem?

    how do you fix it? it seems like i need to adjust the infeed table height. do you loosen the table lock and the gib screws on the back of the infeed table?

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    Frank---first thing you need to do is check the tables-----carefully turn the cutter head by hand to a point where there isn't a knife sticking up. Then, lay a straightedge across the two tables---first hold it down on the outfeed table---then, after the infeed is all the way up, rest it on both tables.

    You'll have to look at your manual----some outfeed tables have adjustments---others don't. If you manual doesn't give you good directions, I'd highly recoomend Mark Duginske's book "Mastering Woodworking Machines". It includes tune ups for the jointer, table saw and bandsaw----great book.

    BTW---the short answer is---if your tables are dead even--then your knives are too high.


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      The manual for that jointer is good. It clearly explains how to set the table correctly. Dave's explanation is the easy way to determine if the knives are too high. The knives should have come set correctly from the factory. If the knives are higher than the outfeed table you have a problem.