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  • Best Blade for R4512

    I have a couple questions about TS blades that I hope you guys can shed some light on.

    What is the best blade, either combination blade or task specific? I obviously want the best possible cut right from the table saw as I dont have a jointer. What tooth combinations and blade specs are you guys using to get the best results? I understand the differences between crosscut and ripping blades. So obviously the best set up would include one of each specif blades. There are just so many options out there.

    Also, most people would probably be quick to reccomend thin kerf blades. Would thin kerf blades work with the riving knife/ splitter on the R4512? Also, when making zero clearance inserts is it common place to include a hole for the riving knife?

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    Re: Best Blade for R4512

    I believe that a thin kerf blade is better for any 120V contractor type saw (even though the
    4512 is technically a hybrid) because your maximizing the power of your saw. The less kerf
    material removed, the further your horsepower goes. As for other considerations, task specific
    is what I prefer. It depends on your primary use. Basically, I use two blades, rip and crosscut,
    for most of my cuts. I even like to use a 7 1/2 blade on small stock. I buy the best quality blades
    that I can get from the local Borg. Usually Freud. Personally, I don't use a riving knife. Instead I
    glue a splitter into the kerf of my ZCI.


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      Re: Best Blade for R4512

      You will find some very excellent information about many different blades in this write-up done by Scott Spencer. Scott has forgotten more about saw blades than most of us here will ever know or want to know. Scott is also a regular contributor here too, he posts under the name of hewood.
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        Re: Best Blade for R4512

        I use CMT ITK Plus blades in my miter and table saws. I have their 80 tooth blade in my 10" miter saw and their 50 tooth combination blade in my table saw. Instead of a traditional tooth bevel like most blades, they have a more aggressive dual bevel that comes to a point and they are god awful sharp. Cut incredibly smooth with virtually no sanding needed. Best blades I've used so far, by far.
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          Re: Best Blade for R4512

          Simply, Forrest blades. Wasted a lot of money over the years until I finally put out the bucks and got the best............

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            Re: Best Blade for R4512

            I have a Craftsman 22114, which has a similar motor to your saw. I was using a Forrest Woodworker 2 thin kerf, which is not all that thin at all. I still was able to bog my saw down now and again. It is an outstanding blade, but my 1.5 hp motor needed something thinner.

            I switched to a Freud Fusion thin kerf and never looked back. The Fusion thin kerf is much thinner than the Forrest thin kerf and my underpowered saw can now keep up with any reasonable feed rate. In my opinion, the Fusion provides superior cut quality to the Forrest and for less money. The Forrest is now an expensive spare. I also have a Freud Glue Line Rip blade but it is still in the package. The Fusion makes excellent cuts all around and I have not seen the need to use a dedicated rip blade as of yet.
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              Re: Best Blade for R4512

              "Best" is subjective and means different things to different people. The info on my blog might be helpful with your decision. Even if you end up with a dedicated rip and crosscut blade, you're probably going to want a general purpose or combo blade for many cuts, so I'd suggest you start with that one, then you can add specialty blades as you see a need, or when there's a deal.

              I've tried most of the brands on the market...some have more than one line, so know which one you're looking at, and remember that there's no free lunch....for every design advantage, be aware that there's also a disadvantage that the manufacturers usually won't tell you aobut. The elite brands I'd look to are Infinity, Forrest, Ridge Carbide, Freud's Premier line and some of their Industrial blades, CMT Orange, and Tenryu's Gold Medal. The better bargain lines are Freud Diablo, CMT ITK, DeWalt Precision Trim, Onsrud (German made clearanced on Ebay). I'd avoid the new Avanti and Avanti Pro series at HD, Skil, Work Force, Ryobi, HF, DeWalt Construction, Oldham, Vermont American, Irwin Marathon and Sprint lines, and any other cheap off names.

              FWIW, one of my favorite thin kerf blade choices when I had a hybrid saw were a tandem of the Infinity 010-060 60T Hi-ATB blade and the Forrest 30T WWII TK. Those two blades covered a wide range of cuts with outstanding performance, yet each is versatile enough to be used for most general cuts without the need to be changed out until you get into one extreme or the other (60T Hi-ATB for fine ply and fine crosscuts, or the 30T for thick rips)...otherwise either was great as is for most other tasks.

              Good luck, and please keep us posted with your choices.
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                Re: Best Blade for R4512

                I like CMT ITK a lot and that's all I've been buying lately. Amazing blades. Their melamine blade is utterly fantastic and will give you chip free performance cutting cross grain in red oak plywood without even needing to make a scoring cut first. Just as good or better than Forrest for less money IMO.