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  • Tenoning Jig

    Does anyone know if there is a tenoning jig available for the TS2424?

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    I have a Delta jig that I use on my Craftsman saw. This is very close to the RIGID saw, so I would say it would work for you also.

    Another way to do it though is to make one that rides your fence. The Jigs run 80-90 $$, while the shop made one runs a few dollars. My shop built got the job done.
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      While a shop-built jig will work, nothing beats the solid mass of a Delta or Jet jig, for assuring that the stock stays in place.

      The Delta will need minor tweeking---do a search here for previous instructions on making the Delta fit the slightly narrower slots of the Rigid.


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        I prefer the shop-made jig, and put pictures on the web so my brother could also build one. See . With care the thickness of my tenons varies by less than 1/128 inch. Since most tenons are at the end of a board, there is plenty of clearance to hold the wood without a clamp, so I can cut them as fast as I can slide the jig back and forth, and sometimes even cut several at a time. (A 9 drawer dresser requires 48 tenons just for the drawer slides!)


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          Charlie---nice design. But, I'll stick with my post and emphasize that the Delta or Jet jigs are heavy for a good reason---their mass is for both safety and accuracy. Otherwise, in this day and age, I'm sure they would have been made out of plastic.


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            Originally posted by daveferg:
            Otherwise, in this day and age, I'm sure they would have been made out of plastic.
            Sad part is, that some that I have come across are made of Plastic Dave.

            Although my Delta jig works real nice, the quality of my cuts did not change at all from the shop built one I used prior to coming up with the $90. Dave is right about the safty issue though, as these jigs have two handles, and if used as intended, are very safe.
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              Craftsman sells a jig for <$50 that works fairly well on the TS2424. It is not as user-friendly as the Delta and isn't quite as nice, but it will probably cut the majority of tenons the average woodworker could ask for. I bought one back before Christmas and would buy it again.

              Craftsman Club days began on the you can get 10% off.

              Good luck,