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  • TS2424 Vibration

    I just bought the TS2424. Great looking saw and went together easily. so far, so good. I wired it up for 240 and when I turned it on the motor jumped all over the place, vibrated like heck and made quite a racket. so I ck'd this forum and did all the advice from other posts: The pulleys looked lined up, but thought that maybe I was wrong so I inched the pulley up & down the shaft and put it in the spot with the least vibration (which is very close to where I had it originally). Still vibrates to beat hell. When I lift up on the motor (with the saw running) quite a bit, nearly all vibration disappears. I obviously can't make it stay like that. I am doing something wrong?

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    Try pulling the belt off completely then turning the motor on. If the vibration still is there it's the motor, if it goes away its most likely the belt. If you do determine it to be the belt, spin the arbor by hand just to double check and make sure that's not the problem. What ever you figure out, call 1-800-4RIDGID for a replacement part (It will be under warrenty).