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Problem with pulley slipping out of place

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  • Problem with pulley slipping out of place

    I have the Rigid 4512 10" table saw and it has been working great until recently. The pulley on the motor shaft is moving to the end of the shaft. I thought at first the set screw was just loose so I checked it. It did not appear to be loose, but I had to loosen it anyway to slide the pulley back into place. I re-tightened the set screw and it was fine for another 30 minutes of use and it happened again. At the moment it seems that there is something else wrong because the set screw is not loose...The key is slipping. I'm not sure what else to try at this point. Any suggestions?

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    Same problem! Manifested itself when saw failed to start because belt had shifted toward blade far enough to bind on pulley. Clearly motor pulley is on the end of the shaft and set screw has backed out. The manual calls for a 6mm allen wrench to loosen the belt adjustment bolt. Mine has a 12mm hex bolt instead and loosening it does not free the motor in the slot. What's the trick? Is there another fastener that must be loosened and,if so, how does one get to it without disassembling the saw from the base? Damn glad I had just finished the last of 56 dadoes!!