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New TS3650 Splitter

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  • New TS3650 Splitter

    I know a few of us have been looking for a riving knife or something that would fit our Ridgid TS3650 tablesaws, and there hasn't been anything to this point.

    But I did come across a splitter that attaches to the ZCI and acts similar to the knife anyway. It's aluminum and can be purchased with a guard that also comes with or without a dust collection connection.

    I just installed one on my saw and so far it works great. I realize it doesn't tilt with the blade, but these tablesaws just don't have the clearance to get a knife on them it seems. But at least this splitter is less intrusive than the factory one, which I installed then removed after 3-4 cuts because it was just a pain.

    I have some pictures if there is interest in seeing it, they were just too big to post here, so I'll have to shrink them.

    Here is a link to the product:


    I have no ties to the product other than having one installed and helping set the clearance with the developer.