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  • Cutting Melamine

    Is there a trick for ripping 2 sided melamine? It seems to slide around alot. I have used a feather board but I still seem to wiggle it a little at the end.

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    I just built a couple of units for my store using melamine. I'm very glad that HD has quit carrying the 4 x 8 sheets because it forced me to look for alternatives. I found a local lumber yard that carries shop grade maple for $3 less per sheet and B2 for $7 more per sheet of 3/4".

    Other than that, all I can offer is llok for some form of sticky wax (Quake wax) or resin.


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      I used a clamped straight edge and my circular saw and then did a 1/4" roundover on my glue up table. But I'm getting the Freud blade specifically for cuttin thin laminated sheets like melamine. I'm sure it will be a trick to keep it on the table saw as that stuff is slick.
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        when I have to cut Melamine up to the high shcool shop. I ask for four guys to help feed or catch the stock. We use a slow feed rate. Also we cut the pice over size by 1/8". then we trim the pice with a router and a 1/4" sprial down cut bit.
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          I recently made a work/sewing center for my wife. Used my old Crafstman direct drive saw, and circular saw. Was alot of learning involved, and some scary kick back moments. I also used the Freud TK806 Laminate blade. After a couple of days with it, I cleaned it, because the 2sided Melamine really gummed it up, and while cleaning it, I noticed it had one broken tooth. So I took it back to Lowes. Didn't buy another one.

          My experience with the blade was good at the beginning, but towards the end I was getting poor results. Maybe it was my technique, or the cheap saw. Don't know.

          I will be trying out some cuts on my new 3612 soon. May use the circular saw more than the TS though.


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            I make cabinets using melamine and use the Freud blade. Since the sheets are so heavy, I lay the sheet down on 4 2x4s and rip to width plus 1", then I cut to length plus 1" all using my circ saw. I then finish cut to size on my table saw using the Freud blade. The last time I tried to handle a half sheet of 3/4 melamine, I seperated my elbow. Still hurts.


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              I found that the melamine chips badly on the underside when cutting with my Freud Diablo blade. What to do?

              Oh and if you guys are still not convinced that eye protection is important, melamine will change that for you. The thin laminate chips gets into everything.

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                I cut the sheet with a 40 tooth freud blade on a pro trugrip track on a circ. saw with saw plate. I have saw horses with dowels every few inches mounted vertically raising the sheet to support it and not cut into the horse. The tech at freud said to cut a shallow cut first then re-cut at full depth. I have no chip out. This can work on a table saw too. The router method leaves a very good edge too but it is more set up and waste.


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                  Melamine sucks anyway
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