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fire hazard?

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  • fire hazard?

    I was using my R4511 (I think that is the right number - it is the granite top saw from a few years ago). I had been doing dados and had changed over to rip a few pieces and started the saw. The first two rips were fine and I turned it off. When I turned it on again there was a very loud pop that sounded like it was down near or in the motor and the smell of smoke. I turned it off and turned it on again and the blade worked fine. I then turned it off an unplugged it and cleaned up any sawdust to try to minimize fire risk.

    Is the saw safe to use?

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    Re: fire hazard?

    Was it an electrical type smell? Might have been one of the start or run capacitors which doesn't always keep it from running but can effect performance. There is a "domed" cover on the side of the motor, if a cap blew sometimes it will leak fluid out of the cover. You could remove the cover to inspect the caps but not sure on the warranty implications if you do. My dad has a powermatic table saw that runs off a solid state phase converter and when one of the caps blew it sounded like a shot gun and stunk pretty bad.


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      Re: fire hazard?

      Originally posted by Alphacowboy View Post
      Might have been one of the start or run capacitors...
      That's my bet. Blown cap.
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