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rigid r4512 on switch question

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  • rigid r4512 on switch question

    After several hours, i have managed to assemble my new R4512 table saw. But now i cant get it to switch on. This is probably a stupid question but how does the switch work? I raise the red cover and there is a red tab inside. I press it and pull it and nothing happens and it doesnt really seem to be connected to anything. It just flaps. Any advice? Thanks.

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    Re: rigid r4512 on switch question

    From the way you describe what you have, you're missing the safety key.
    When you lift the big red outside of the switch, you should see red and yellow. The yellow piece (The Key) slides in just above the red part of the switch which will allow the switch to be lifted outward to turn the saw on.

    Hopes this helps.



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      Re: rigid r4512 on switch question

      Thank you . I found the switch key on the garage floor and it worked. I never would have figured that one out.

      My next issue is I can't seem to raise the spreader. I have moved the lever to the upright (unlocked)position but when a grasp the spreader and try to move it right, it does not clear the pin that is holding it in place. I have tried to loosen the bolt that holds the lever in place but it will not move.


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        Re: rigid r4512 on switch question

        Mine was snug at first. Try working from the back of the saw. It will pull up just takes some wiggling.
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