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    I talked today to a lady at Ridgid. She is a product manager and ensured me that there are over 100 riser block kits available right now. They are getting them from a new source and future quantities will be there. Rip fence comes under the same info...they have them available. Cool blocks very large quantity. These I have had no problem finding thru many other sources.
    From my own experience i find the Ridgid band saw works well for resawing with 3/8' wide blade. When resawing with 3/8' or wider I go back to my steel guide blocks or a ceramic set. Regular cool blocks wear to quickly and allow the blade to wonder.

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    What does your blade wonder about??,,,and how can I tell if my blade is think they can talk to us on Christmas eve like animals can? I'm sure others are wondering also..


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      OOPS....forgot spell check I guess....kinda makes you wander....?????