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Mortise machine or not?

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    Of all the ways to mill a traditional mortise, the mortising machine is far and away both the most accurate and the easiest. I recommend the larger of the two Delta models currently being offered. Most folks who have tried mortising "attachments" for a drill press have been discouraged, both by the setup required for each use and the quality of the output.

    That said, before investing in a mortising machine, give careful consideration to use of plate joinery. A good plate joiner (I recommend the P-C 557) is about the same $ and can be used for scads of different jobs. I've found that using biscuits, for instance, to joint the skirts of table frames to the legs is every bit as solid as mortise and tenon joinery; it is far easier, and it is far easier to be precise about the layout.


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      If i were going to mortise that much i would use drill bits, to take the meat out of the area you are mortising. then use my mortising chisels in the press, to take out the corners the round bits left. will be a lot faster and save wear and tear on the chisels

      good luck

      happy woodworking guys