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Cordless drill does special duty

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  • Cordless drill does special duty

    Ok You may want to show this one to your wife's.
    My wife was getting some batter ready to make pineapple-bran muffins. She out all the ingeradence in a large canister. This batter can be stored for up to six weeks. She asked for my help in mixing up the batter. The canister is to dep to use a handheld mixer. I was going to use a spoon. Then it came to me, I got my cordless drill out a mixing beater in the chuck and had the bater mixed up in no time. So you see power tools do have a place in the kitchen. I wonder if my compound mitter saw would do thin sliced beef??
    PS The Muffins Are Wonderful!!!!!!!!

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    And just how many "brownie points" did you get for this... I showed this to my wife and she just about died laughung and asked if I had a tool that would do this too..Great show and great thinking on your part.Let us know about the slicing.... GREAT TREAT to find aomething as funny /serious on this site. mt wife wants the recipt for this also... you can send by E-Mail ...thanks for sharing with us.. dd


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      Sounds good---Julia Child meets Norm Abram. Might smooth over things with LOML, for when I use her rolling pin to smooth down laminent.


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        <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by daveferg:
        Julia Child meets Norm Abram. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

        I can see it now, high pitched english voice that pronounces "saw" with an R at the end.


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          Made a killer Irish stew on St. Patrick's day. Would have never came out so good without my PC Reciprocating Tiger saw to cut up bones for stock.

          Save those old blades.

          Best regards,



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            Hey: I use my 18 volt drill with a mixer to make bubbles in the tub for my kids. Kind of a poor man's jacuzzi Dawg.
            He who dies with the most power tools wins!


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              Think about the possibilities Jake!!!!!!
              A whole new line of Ridgid dual purpose tools

              Now we're talking product innovation:

              * Combo 12 1/2" Planner/Toaster Oven
              * Floor Standing Drill Press/Food Processor
              * Variable Speed Lathe/Rotisserie

              All with a step by step manual/cookbook and video!!!!

              I can see it now. Hey Jake, I'm having trouble holding my depth settings and just an awful time keeping my quiche from dropping. BTW ladies, anybody have a fool proof recipe for hollandaise....mine always breaks

              Buy a a hero. That would be too sweet!

              Talk about your Iron Chef!!!!! Whose your daddy now!!!

              Somebody stop me!!!!!

              Chef Wood Dog


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                Thanks for all the replay so far they make great reading . How tell me what other forum can you ahve this much fun. Wooddog you forgot the Tablesaw/gridle. Keep those replays coming. I wonder how many of us ahve use our power tool in the kitchen or ahve use kitchen tools in our work shops. It gives multi-tasking a whole new meaning
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                  The question is: will Norm lend Julia a plaid shirt?


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                    "Floor Standing Drill Press/Food Processor"

                    Can't you just see a drill press with the speed setting "puree"?



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                      No actually, the question is, will Julia grow a beard? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
                      He who dies with the most power tools wins!


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                        Juila a beard Cool. lol
                        Andy B.


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                          sears has sort of ran with this concept some,

                          Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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