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  • So Far so Good thanks

    I'm not sure this is where I put this, but here goes. I recently purchased a TP1300 and a TS2424. The TP 1300 had a cover at the adjustment wheel that moved when you made adjustments. The second time I used the tp1300 this cover broke off. This was not an operation issue, but more cosmetic. I called your customer service and told them what had happened and asked if I could be sent the piece so that I could replace it. The response was no problem. The rep. ( and I'm sorry I didn't get his name was extremely helpful and polite) this was very refreshing. He stated that the part would arrive in approx 5 to 10 work days. Two days later I not only had the part but every piece that I forgot to ask for to re-install it, ie: screw, clip, depth gauge, and fix cut plate. I too worked in the service industrie for 11 years as a field engineer for a large Drug co. When I started with them they to had this type of service going, unfortinately they decide that sales should be managing Service division and that the Dollar should drive service. Needless to say service went into the dumper. Moral of this story keep up the great service and try not to let the dollar kill it. BTW I left the corp. world and got back to basic where I was raised construction.. [img]smile.gif[/img] Also I used my TS2424 for the first time today ( I'm an extreme novice) WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hooked

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