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Stain only a section of wood, how???

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  • Stain only a section of wood, how???

    Here's the scenario. Let's say I have a small maple tabletop with poplar trim attached around the perimeter. Seeing how poplar isn't a good contrast to the maple, and my budget doesn't allow for the purchase of darker hardwood, how can I only stain the poplar with a dark color without touching the maple???.....
    1)Is it better to stain the poplar before assembly and crossing my fingers no sanding to make pieces flush will be required???
    2)Should I assemble and sand everything, then tape off the areas not to be stained???
    3)Is there another technique???......
    Thanks,<br />Erwin<br />\"It\'s all in the grain.....\"

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    How about assembling to check for fit, sand if necessary, then take it apart and do the staining, then reassemble. I don't think taping will work with stain. It will seep under the tape.
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      Lorax is right---It will leak under the tape.


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        Assemble and plane/sand as needed. Use 3M painters grade masking tape. Use a laminate roller or equal to set the tape. Make sure the tape is completely covering the Maple. It's hard for stain to migrate through the glue joint from wood to wood. But can under the tape if not properly set. Take care when applying the stain. Do not load up the brush or rag at the tape edge.

        You will find the price between poplar and other hardwoods these days isn't worth the cost of the stain or the troble your idea's for this project will bring.
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          You will find that a gel stain will not wick under the tape edge as easily as a liquid stain


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            Thanks for the help everyone. I'm going to try the techniques out this weekend. But getting back to the suggestion by UO_Woody, does anyone know where I can get good hardwood stock at a reasonable price in the San Diego area besides the Rockler store???.....
            Thanks,<br />Erwin<br />\"It\'s all in the grain.....\"


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              Try here Wood Finder


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                hi big e

                I use a local lumber yard, or go onto a construction site and ask one of the carpenters that is doing finish work who supplied their moulding. You may be able to find a company there, or a local lumber yard. One local lumber yard beats heck out of BOB, in quality, and price. and they usually have a low moisture percentage as well. (if the lumber is stored indoors).

                happy woodworking guys


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                  Big E

                  feel like taking a road trip? I do not remember the name of the place, but there is a hardwood/exotic wood warehouse up in oxnard. if memory serves me correctly the place starts with an "m"
                  It is back behind the car dealers there in town not far from the walmart, right off the highway.

                  they have an awesome selection, great prices. Might be worth the trip depending on how much you are looking to purchase