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TS-2400 Table Extension Removal Question...

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  • TS-2400 Table Extension Removal Question...

    On the TS-2400, How can you remove & replace the Table Extension?

    I see the bolt and nut underneath that I can undo but once undone, will the bolt just move back and away and if so, how can I re-attach a home made Router Table extension to it?

    Here's a pic of that bolt and nut. The bolt sits in the rails of the Table Saw Extension and does not appear to be externally accessable.

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    Here's what I thought of when it crossed my mind...leave the extension on the saw and extend it fully....drill four holes...two into the extension table and two on the main table....all facing the void in between....measure the distance in between the two tables and make a router extension to fit in it.

    Then you make a frame that fits into the void between tables and when you need the table, you bolt the frame in then set the top down into the frame. In the top, you have your routed out area for the router mounting plate...heck you might even have room for a router raizer....

    I do plan on doing this eventually, but the home setup is going to be first....

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      Forget it... too much hassle. This is what I did instead...

      Already had my "Swiss Army Outfeed Table" which I made previously...

      Just made a different insert for it (used my router to boot)

      Click here to see it with my band saw...

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