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Compatability question.......

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  • Compatability question.......

    Has anyone retrofitted the R4512 table and fence onto the R4511 base? I have some chipping and a few small cracks in my R4511 table and was wondering if this was possible.


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    Re: Compatability question.......

    I'm only guessing but I would think that for what the table and fence would cost as parts for a R4512 you could almost buy a whole new R4512. Those two saws were/are also made by two different companies for TTI so that just might increase the possibility that switching parts between the two might be an issue.
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      Re: Compatability question.......

      I've often wondered the same thing. I own neither saw, so obviously I don't know the answer....I'm almost positive that it's not a direct bolt up because the R4512 has table mounted trunnions and the R4511 has cabinet mounted trunnions, but it could be possible with some ingenuity to retrofit a full size top to the R4511. Badger Dave raises a good point about the cost of obtaining a top from the R4512, but I'd guess you could try a top from an older full size contractor saw, or other full size saw. The R4511 is made by Steel City/Orion, so maybe a top from one of their saws (35605/35606/35610) or a Craftsman 22104, 22114, or 22124 might fit. The main tops tend to be a standard 20" wide x 27" deep.

      Here's what the R4511 looks like without the top:

      Here's a look at the underside of a few full size cast iron tops:


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        Re: Compatability question.......

        Thanks for the replies, guys. I will probably just replace the granite. Hopefully it is under warranty.


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          Re: Compatability question.......

          Might be better off looking at a Steel City tablesaw rather than the Rigid 4512