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New Table saw with pics

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  • New Table saw with pics

    Table saw was delivered Friday with liftgate service and driver placed it in the garage for me.
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    Saturday unpacked ran electrical circuit and got mobile base ready. Then had to wait until later in the day for help walking the saw onto the mobile base.
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    Sunday did the assembly. There were very few nuts and bolts to have to deal with and that was nice.
    Knees are sore this morning even though I had on knee pads, but wings and fence installed and adjusted. Miter slot was adjusted dead on at the factory, so I got to skip loosening the top and going through that procedure.

    Finished up in the early evening tweaking the riving knife and fence.

    This saw is of a very robust construction and everything moves very smoothly. It spins up very smoothly and vibration seems non existent.

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    I was tired, so I only made a couple of cuts on a piece of 4/4 mahogany. I guess that must have been a light weight cut for this machine since I pushed it through and though I could hear the blade slicing it, I felt like it was just gliding through the saw.

    I'm sure I will have some little tweaking here and there, but I'm pleased so far and mainly glad the assembly is done and that everything arrived in good condition.

    Still have my R4511 for now and the Ridgid jointer and oscillating sander, so the Jet will be in good company. Thanks for looking

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    Re: New Table saw with pics

    looks like a beautiful saw, congratulations,
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      Re: New Table saw with pics

      Someday i hope to have room for a cast iron table saw. My TS2400 does well for what it is but that saw would be a great addition to have, i am sure you will enjoy it for a long time.


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        Re: New Table saw with pics

        Cato, that is a beautiful saw. Best of luck with it. You won't be sorry you spent the money for it.
        Now you need an outfeed table.
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          Re: New Table saw with pics

          BobD, my worktable normally serves as my outfeed table. I have to take out a piece of 1/2 inch ply that it is resting on now to lower it enough for the Jet.

          However, now that you mention it, I may have to look at the shop layout and see if I could orient a little differently to accommodate a separate outfeed.

          That would be a bit more convenient at times when I have to move my assembly in order to process some rips.