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  • Thank You IRS

    I received my IRS tax refund 3 days ago and spent it today at the grand opening of my local HD. I purchased the 3612 as well as the 1300 planer. I won't get to play with them for another 2 weeks due to work but decided to buy them now while I had the money and HD had a 10% off promotion during the grand opening. The Ridgid display was outstanding and hopefully it'll stay that way. Any advice on assembly of the 3612 would be appreciated.

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    Hello and congrats on your purchases. As most members here know, i am about as mechanically inclined as a football bat! I too bought a 3612 and had no trouble putting it together. best advice i can give is watch the video and do it step by step. it practically assembles itself!


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      Where is this video that I keep reading about? I got no video with my 3612.

      The most important part is to make sure that the fence rails are square to the miter slots and that the blade and fence are parallel to the slots. take your time there and you'll enjoy the saw from the first cut.

      Read the instructions on the Herc-U-Lift carefully. you are not supposed to tighten the bolts all the way because then it won't work.


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        Hope you have many hours of enjoyment ahead of you with your new purchases. As was stated earlier, take your time putting everything together and it will go smoothly.

        No need to thank the IRS, it was your money after all. All you did was let them use it for awhile. [img]smile.gif[/img]
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          I didn't get a video with mine, either, but the instructions are quite clear and you shouldn't have any difficulty with it. Follow the advice on not tightening those four bolts on the Herculift. (and I agree with Dave, it's your money to begin with, so don't thank the IRS)

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            I don't know about assembling itself. While it was easy to do, being my first TS it took me what seemed like forever. It had nothing to with Ridgid, (unless they want to send someone over next time). Don't try to adjust the leveling feet and herculift until it is in a spot where it will be used all of the time. Have fun with your new tools.


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              Thanks for the responses. Hopefully, I won't mess it up too bad. I'll post a plea for help if I do so don't go too far.


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                Take your time. Double check blade to miter slot parrelness. Talk to Jake about the video.
                Andy B.