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NEW router and have a few questions (R22001 combo kit)

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  • NEW router and have a few questions (R22001 combo kit)

    hey guys...

    not "new" to woodworing but new to serious woodworking...i've been on a Ridgid tool buying tear the past few months and have amassed a few much needed the 10" pro table saw, the 10" compound mitre saw, 16ga finish nailer, and just payed for a NIB R22001 router combo kit...borrowing a buddy's 13" Ridgid paner now and i think it and the 6" jointer are gonna be my next two i love my Ridgid tools...

    anywho,back to the topic...

    does anyone have any advice as to what the best table for this router would be?...wife wants new cabinets and an island built for our remodel and i want a good table...seriously thinking i should have just gone with the jointer to start but this was a heck of a deal at $135 new in box...also, are the Diablo bits worth the money or should i look elsewhere?...obviously dont want tear out or chipping so the best or close to the best would be preferred (within reasonable budget)...

    thanks for any advice for a noob...built a few things so far and i've been impressed with what i've managed to accomplish so far and good tools help that a lot!!!

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    Re: NEW router and have a few questions (R22001 combo kit)

    My experience has been that there are a lot of "opinions" about what IS the best router table. Like most everything, much of this revolves around $$ and the more you spend the better you get... or so goes the opinion! Generally, I can't afford to follow such advice, so understand where I'm coming from!

    I too have the Ridgid router combo, albeit the first iteration of such. It was not on the list of recommendations by anyone at the time, and I'm not sure if it really is on anyone's today; but hey, after a bit of reading and looking I went with my own "drummer" and bought the thing. It works great in my router table and about the only "flaw" that I've found is that in my high-humidity summer basement shop, that Magnesium motor housing poses a bit of challenge with oxidation. (Just so you are aware!). Beyond that, I'm very happy with it and think it was a great buy at the $198 I paid... you of course made a great deal! )

    Now to the "table". I went with a Rockler table top kit, which includes the top, fence, and router mounting plate. Mine was an earlier version of what is presently available and it cost me about $150 at the time. That table kit is a bit higher today, but the mounting plate is also larger and I think there have been a couple of other improvements too. Rockler ( offers several router tables and the one (at the mentioned price) is their most economic. It has held up very well for me and I see no wear or any other drawbacks to it. One buys according to their "wallet" of course, but I have had no misgivings with this particular table. I should also point out that they do list the Ridgid router (last time I looked anyway) in their compatibility choices for a predrilled mounting plate. The only thing I had to do was drill the access hole for the above-table T-handle.

    The nice thing about Rockler is that they also offer a number of other accessories like feather-boards, jointing shims, etc.

    The "table top kit" does need a leg set though, so you might want to consider what to do there. You could of course buy a premade set (Rockler and others offer those too), but I didn't want to spend that extra money. So, I build my own out of a couple of 2 x 4's and added my own casters from the scrap bin. The mobility works well for my little shop and it was easy to do. (My particular leg set uses mortice and tenon joints and can be knocked down for transport.) It was of course, cheap... but also very durable!

    Good luck with you new router and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine. Oh... Welcome to the Ridgid forum!