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    I have converted to simple green from oven cleaner.


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      I used to use oven cleaner now I use the CMT forimal(sp) 2050. I love it. You can get it at woodcraft stores!
      Andy B.


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        Big Johnson---thanks for digging out Charles M.'s quote. And, we're doing the same thing with the Simple Green.

        BTW---SG is cheaper than the woodworking store stuff---it also works great (with 3M Scotch Brite or the like) in cleaning cast iron tops and getting pitch build-up of internal saw parts.


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          I am new here, I work for a furniture manufacturer and we use castrol super clean, buy it in 5 gallon pails, just soak the blades for 30 minutes and wash with hot water. Was recommended to us by Amana and Frued, works well


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            I don't know if anyone is still looking at this thread but I wrote to Simple Green and this is the response I got, hope it is helpful to someone.

            Thanks for your inquiry. We actually do not recommend any Simple Green products
            on the cobalt/carbide blades that you refer to in your email. Simple Green can
            cause embrittlement and cracking on this kind of metal.

            Believe it or not, we have heard from several sources that strong coffee is
            great for removing pitch from blades. A plastic bin can be used for soaking
            blades overnight.

            I hope that this information is helpful to you. Feel free to share it with
            others in your profession or online discussion groups. And we hope that you'll
            keep using Simple Green for the rest of your shop-cleaning needs!

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              I was a little concerned with the answer you got from Simple Green. I wrote to them, and this is the reply (I excuded your real name from it)that I received from them.

              Dear Mr. Delano and XXXXXXXXXXX:

              I am sorry for the confusion I may have caused with my short answer to Mr. XXXXXXXXXXX question yesterday. Please allow me to give you the long answer, and feel free to also post this in your discussion group.

              Simple Green has been successfully used by many woodworkers over many years as a good spray-wipe-and rinse cleaner for saw blades. When pitch is fairly fresh (within a 12 hour period of deposit,) it is fairly easily removed by Simple Green. Older, dried out pitch is much more difficult to remove. What we do not recommend is long-term soaking of cobalt/carbide blades in Simple Green. Long exposure like this can possibly cause cobalt leaching that will, in turn, effect the integrity of the carbide. Shorter term "spray/wipe/rinse" applications do not pose that kind of problem. We would recommend dwell times of full-strength Simple Green upon cobalt/carbide steel to be no more than about 15 minutes.

              As mentioned in my earlier email, if you have a blade that has an older, tougher buildup of pitch, try soaking the blade in strong coffee overnight. Several folks have told us that this does work.

              I hope that this information is helpful to you. I apologize for confusing the issue previously. I made an erroneous assumption that the blade would be soaked for extended periods of time.

              If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let me know.


              Carol Chapin
              Environmental & Regulatory Coordinator
              SIMPLE GREEN
              (800) 228-0709
              Support Our Troops!


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                Where can you get Simple Green?



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                  HD carries as does Menards. No Lowes's around here so I can't say either way on them.
                  I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                    Simple green is available at many supermarkets, drugstores, hardware stores and the Kmart in my neighborhood. It really is easy to find.


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                      I had trouble finding Simple Green at the Home Depot, until someone took me to the janitor supplies section, rather that the parts of the store I normally visit. Duh - it is a cleaning solvent (and works well on lots of things).


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                        sudsy ammonia, that is what we use and a soft brush, soak it for a few in a pizza pan and presto. It is a bit harder on the nose than the Simple Green, but it works good. Just be sure to get the SUDSY.


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                          The problem is ph which is high on most cleaning agents. I do not know the ph of simple green. I am a dentist and the high ph will attack the carbide on some of our orthodontic inserts of the pliers which are brazed on like carbide blades. My brother is in the carpet cleaning business and is very experienced in chemicals. We use an enzyme product by Fabpro called enzymatic cleaner usr( ph8-9) in our ultrasonic. Most cleaners are 11-12 which will attack the metal. His hi-resssure pump has brass in it and this chemical works well to limit the corrosion. has the product under carpet pre-spotter. It cleans very well in 140 deg. water.


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                            Umm...ok, I think I'm following all this good advice correctly: I can use Simple Green to clean coffee stains off my teeth as long as I use an old toothbrush. Thanks, and happy thanksgiving.


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                              I do not mean to say that simple green will cause damage. We do not use that for our instruments. It may be ok but the ph will effect metals and the brazing of the carbide and the carbide itself. You should always use a soft toothbrush and do not brush across the teeth to avoid gum recession and tooth abrasion. Simple green with a old soft brush should be ok if you like the taste.