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Feedback wanted on cost to build shed

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  • Feedback wanted on cost to build shed


    I need help guestimating how much it will cost me for materials to build an even pitch 10X12 shed like this

    Thanks. My local HD sells 2X4X8 for $1.99, are there cheaper sources for wood other than the big 2?

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    I built my sled from scrap that I should have canned..Cost ZERO. Works great, Remember to apply a GOOD coat of Minwax on the bottom so that it glides very well ( on saw table to ) I Minwax mine about every other tim I use it..


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      I think we have an infiltrator(or infiltraitor) This Techie guy's from the Bt3000 site. Ha! Knew we'd get one to come to our side> Dawg
      He who dies with the most power tools wins!


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        Actually. I came here when I was shopping for a TS originally. I found a deal on a used BT3.

        Doesn't really matter what tool you swing as long as everybodys happy rolleyes: . Besides I am keeping an eye out on the planer :


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          OPPS!! I had a sled on my mind not shed.. "Senior" moment I guess. Any way I just prinred out the picture.. Loks kinda small if you are going to make this a "shop".
          looks like about 12 x 8, thats only 96 sq ft. Do you have the plans, studs @ 16" = 44, roof 24" center + 14, I could go on but without the plans it would only be a WAG.Sit down ,draw a materials list, include a 10% over, nails, roofing etc and take it to your Building material place abd ask for a quote, then ask is this a contractors price? This could save you a few bucks. My WAG is $2400.00. (WAG = wild *** guess) and about 3 weekend to build. hope that this is a little help.


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            the kit only cost 1500 so your swag is pretty bad


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              Built a 6x9 on a concrete slab---lean-two against one side of the house---about $600---8 years ago. Looks like T&G siding, in the picture---not cheap---I used T-111, to match the house---a bit cheaper.

              As to pricing wood---make a materials list of at least the bare bones needs--then run the prices at HD, but also give a copy to a local lumber yard for comparrison---just tell them you want a price on the package--if its around what HD sells it for, get it at the local dealer---you'll be much happier with the quality.

              Would highly recommend doing a concrete slab instead of piers. It's really not a hard project and since it's a shed, you don't have to be perfect on the finish. Probably very little more than a pier foundation, since you don't need beam, joists, flooring or pier blocks---I used some rafter stock for the forms---hosd them off and cut them for rafters and blocking.

              Good luck,



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                Thanks for all the responses Guys.


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                  Ok I Think I've come up with a way to build a nice worl shop with little or no out of pocket expence (at least on my part). I just need each and every member od this woodworking forum to send me $10.00. That should give me more then enouff to have a really nice shop. If there not enouff maybe Ridgid Tools could put in the res. It could be called The Ridgid East Coast R&D Hampton Va Branch. Ok so that wont work But it's a nice thought.
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