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  • Bevel blade heel

    I'm having a problem with blade heel alignment on my new TS3612, but not like the problems I've read about any many old posts. When the blade is locked at 90 deg. the blade heel repeatedly measures .001 to .0015 from either miter slot. So there's no problem there. When I change the bevel to anything past 4 or 5 degrees the heel alignment gets steadily worse, to as much as .025(the rear of the blade to the left)at 45 deg. I've tried different combinations of leaving the bevel lock slightly grabbing or tightening and loosening the rear friction bolt and spring, but without any real improvements. I first noticed this when cross-cutting at 45 deg and heard the rear blade teeth rubbing on the board. This is definitely going to be a problem for me, and I'd hate to think that the solution is to share the misalignment between 90 and 45. What can I do?