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  • glue residue

    like many wood workers I hae become frustrate after having completed a project to find glue spots on the wood. Naturally stain does not take too well to glue. A solution i find that works for me is to use a little food coloring in the glue any color will stand out on raw wood and makes locating it so much easier.

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    The best solution is prevention.

    Masking tape along the glue lines reduces the amount of potential residue. Also letting the glue skin over before removing and the using a moderately sharp chisel to do it, then wipe the area with a damp cloth.

    After glue has dried, most will soften enough to remove with worm to hot tap water.

    I wipe my project down after assembly and gluing with a damp cloth to reveal where the glue is and raise the grain prior to sanding. I do this one more time after sanding to be sure. It's a lot easier to removed missed spots than to correct areas after staining.


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      Although I have not tried this personally, I will pass it along for consideration.

      On finish work, where there can not be any residue left when glueing, put rubber cement on the not to be glued edges adjacent to the edge to be glued. Afterwords, the rubber cement can be rolled up and leaves no residue.

      As I said, I have not tried this, but it seems like it might work. Try it on some scrap first.


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        Re: glue residue

        I just always have a damp rag nearby to wipe of any extra glue.


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          Re: glue residue

          Painters tape on the not-to-glue areas works well for me. The bright blue color stands out as a big reminder and helps removing the tape. on some woods, the masking tape likes to hide. When I'm glueing "show" edges of a project, I'll always mask with painters tape. I'll have to try the rubber cement idea. Sounds like that could be a real winner!
          I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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            Re: glue residue

            They do make a stainable wood glue.

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              Re: glue residue

              We carry that stainable glue at lowe's ... IMO, it's one of those jack-of-all-trades's not great at holding wood, and doesn't stain great, but it's good at both.

              I'll wait for titebond to come up with one.
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