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    I am looking at buying the ridgid drill press and was wondering if it has enough power to drill a 1 3/8 hole in birdeye maple? Also I heard that ridgid is coming out with an updated version. What will the difference be? Will the price go up and when is it supposed to be out?

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    Yony, I do not have this drill press but I do have one that is about the same, motor size and speeds.. There should not be any reason that you can not drill a 1 3/8 hole in birdseye maple. Check the mfg spec on what speed for the type of bit that you will be using and what the application of the hole will be. I would probally use a forstner bit.That I feel would give you a SMOOTH hole.. Anchor your work piece and there you have it. As for any update on Ridgid I do not know..dd