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  • Grizzly measuring instruments reviewed

    I just purchased some measuring instruments from Grizzly to assist with the alignment and maintenance of my new Ridgid tools and so far I can recommend them as a great buy for the money.

    I got the dial caliper & dial indicator w. base combo set (model H3022) for $30 and just had the head of the instrument machine shop at work inspect them, since they don't come with any type of instructions or documentation of calibration certification. As a comparison, other brands charge hundreds of dollars more for similar spec'd instruments. The machine shop here builds scientiffic instruments that fly on satellites in order to take the most accurate measurements of the sun's irradiance in history, so it seemed like a good place to have the new instruments checked out! [img]smile.gif[/img] The dial calipers were found to be accurate to within 0.0001" (the dial resolution is 0.001", although you can interpolate between the marks), which was about as good as anything in the shop, while the dial caliper was accurate to within 0.0005" (the dial resolution is 0.001"), which is also excellent for the money. It was really cool to see this giant, van-sized CNC machine being used to calibrate my $30 tools! [img]smile.gif[/img] The portion of the calipers that is used to measure inner diameter wasn't quite as high of quality as the rest of the tool but is certainly good enough for any home use, especially for the money.

    I also got the 4 piece combination square set (model G5726) for $30, and the guy from the shop thought this was also a great buy for the money after he checked them out. As a comparison, similar sets from Starrett are priced over a hundred dollars more.

    From what I understand, the instruments should allow me to accurately align my tools now and probably for the rest of my life, so for the $60 it is a very worthwhile investment compared to the thousands of dollars in tools. I hope this review might help someone who has been wavering on the purchase of these types of tools.

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    Thanks for posting this! I got the grizzly dial caliper / magnetic base "president's special" for $20. It is a sound investment. My neighbour works in the diskdrive industry (very high alignment requirements) and he was impressed with grizzly too.

    Also, check out the article on table saw alignment in this month's popular woodworking. They recommend grizzly (the exact model I got).



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      Thanks for the great tip on the Griz instruments. I ordered them and they seem to be well worth the $30.00. I was a little surprised that they didn't come with any instructions for use though. With the help of the article you referred to, I have most of the basic "how to" figured out, but I'm probably missing out on some of the finer adjustments and capabilities of the instruments themselves. I haven't figured out how to use/attach the two black dial markers included with the kit. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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        Chicago Mike,

        Did you figure out what the knob is for? I tried pressing it, turning it, just couldn't figure it out! I guess expecting a 1 page documentation for a $20 product is too much



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          The two black dial markers are simply for referencing two locations on the dial indicator. They just snap onto the outer rim of the dial with the pointer facing towards the center of the dial. The machinist I spoke to doesn't use them and I doubt I will either. For the most part, you care about the measurement as referenced to zero. If you guys don't know how to zero out the indicator (I didn't until I spoke to the machinist), I can explain it, but will hold off otherwise.

          Subbu, which knob are you referring to on which instrument?


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            Thanks for the info. on the markers. I didn't realize they just snapped on the rim. I zeroed the indicator by rotating the dial rim. It worked! If it's any more complicated than that, I'm not sure I want to know. Realigning my saw is going to take all of the remaining brain cells (and free time) I have!


            I'm not sure what knob you are referring to.



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              Mike, Yogibear,

              The one on the right side in the picture below:


              (This not the exact dial I reference earlier, but it looks the same)