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Table for DP1550 (pictures)

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  • Table for DP1550 (pictures)

    This is the table I made for my DP1550.

    The table is 1 1/2" MDF, banded in white Oak. It is 20" X 36". T-track, clamps and hardware was bought from Rockler on sale, so I have @ $35 into or so.

    The last picture shows how I mounted it to the OEM table.
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    Nice Table! (Applause)
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      Excellent job Ken. Was there a specific reason you made it so thick?
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        Originally posted by Badger Dave:
        Was there a specific reason you made it so thick?
        The T-track is 3/4" X 1/2". I looked at the store bought ones, and they were all 1 1/8' to 1 1/4" thick. Wasn't going to buy two sheets of MDF, so I just doubled up what I had.

        Also, I had a 1" thick table on my old DP. The ends of the table deflected to much. Figured since this one is 18" each way from center, I wanted it to hold it's self up.
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          Very nice indeed! [img]smile.gif[/img] So how much is a copy of your plan?


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            Plans? We don't need no stinking plans!

            (From The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)

            I didn't use plans, but feel free to copy if you want.

            This is how I went about it.

            Cut to size one peice of MDF so that it is as large as you want the table to be.
            Place T-tracks on top of this for the fence. They should run front to rear. With MDF, fill on the areas around the t-track. This will ensure a close, tight fit around the tracks.
            Band with what ever material you want.

            The fence is nothing more than two peices of 3/4" ply with a but joint. I did attach the face of the fence to the base so that it is 1/32" proud of the table.

            I plan on making a better fence out of angle alumin. as the ply will warp over time.
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