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  • TS2412 General Question

    Just came back from HD where I picked up a floor model TS2412 at a super discount and discovered the Ridgid Forum while searching for the missing parts I need to order(leg pieces, new handle on fence). I have three questions.

    1. How old is the TS2412 model?
    2. Can I upgrade the stamped steel table extensions to the cast iron and is it worth it?
    3. Generally what tips or insights can you give about the TS2412 (what to look out for or expect from the saw, fence[good or bad] etc.)?


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    I bought a 2412 and set it up stock. It worked very well. The fence is very good, the same as the 2424 I beleive. I have upgraded mine twice now.

    I put a cast iron extension on the right because my stamped steel one was warped. I got it for free under warranty. I was very impressed with the service, I posted a message to this forum about it and within 1 week, it was on my saw and it didn't cost me 1 penny. The cast iron extension is definately better, it is dead flat all the time and is nice because you can clamp things to the webbed part.

    I also put a set of rails on my saw for a 2424. I went into HD and noticed a box of rails. I asked about it and the manager said I could have them for $50 (canadian). I snatched them up and installed them. I set them up for 36" rip capacity on the right and 12 on the left. I built an extension table on the right to help support the rails. I find I need the extra rip capacity quite often and would recommend this upgrade.

    The stock saw will definately serve you well though, its got lots of power and the fence works very well. Upgrading peice by peice is an expensive way to go (unless you get some good deals)