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Ridgid R4512 Table Saw w/HF 20% at HD.. YAY!

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    Re: Ridgid R4512 Table Saw w/HF 20% at HD.. YAY!

    Nice to see others able to get the same deal. It is definitely up to the managers and if they will accept the HF coupon. I've stopped in a few HD stores asking and a few managers have straight out told me this. They can actually go as much as 25% on many regular non damaged items but its rare and 10% is typical on anything over 200$.

    I did use the 20% again on a new Diablo 10" 90T Ultra-thin kerf blade last week. Wife pulled out the coupon while standing in front of the blade section at HD and asked if I needed one. pft.. like I'm gonna say no! lol

    I haven't used the saw much aside from ripping some 3/4 hardwood flooring, some plywood for rough basement shelving and some small items like making coat and towel racks but have a list of items I'll be staring soon. Its a time thing and with too many commitments my hobby gets the back burner for now.


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      Re: Ridgid R4512 Table Saw w/HF 20% at HD.. YAY!

      My neighbor stopped by last week asking which tablesaw I had bought.. he had assisted me taking it down to the basement when I purchased mine with the 20% coupon. He had an old B&D (iirc) TS that finally crapped out and was looking for another but didn't want to spend much. Remembering mine he strolled over to to ask about it. I just happened to have a few 20% and 25% HF coupons so I grinned and we went to HD. We walked in, asked for the manager and presented him with the 25% coupon first and explained that they had taken the HF coupon for me for the same saw. He kinda glared at me, said OK and had a few employees help bring it out and load it in the truck for us. On checkout I used the 20% off on a couple Diablo blades while he got the 25% off the saw.

      He walked out paying $374.99 .. a better deal then I got lol!

      Side note.. LSA apps are currently being processed for the 3rd week of Sept '13 right now. Bought another R29302 Plunge Router kit in Canada last August. Registered it online but due to the Canadian receipt they emailed me early Oct to send everything in. Called today and verified the canadian receipt is accepted for the LSA program but they haven't processed gotten to mine yet.

      Glad to see others have continued to use the Harbor Freight coupons! HDs corp policy to to allow each store manager accept or decline competitors coupons but don't take no right up front. Politely work them a bit and they might give. If not return the next day and see if another manager is working. If that fails try another store.. I have 4 within 45 minutes of where I live.


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        I know this thread is a bit old, but I wanted to chime in and say that I got my R4512 using the HF 20% coupon, too. Just as some others said, they might glare at you a bit and scoff, but work them over nicely and they'll probably give in. The Salisbury, MD store did. I live in Virginia, so I had to drive 45 minutes to get there and I wasn't leaving without the saw

        I've had mine for about four months now and I love it. I upgraded from a cheap Craftsman jobsite saw. Night and day difference. My only issue that I have is the fence doesn't always lock parallel to the blade. I can usually tell that it's locked a bit at an angle. A ruler measuring from the furthest tooth back to the fence and the nearest tooth to the fence always confirms this. Sometime I just have to release it and give it a little "pop" to get it to line up better. Not always, though. Sometimes I really have to mess with it.