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  • Moving Heel Alignment

    Hello all,

    I’ve recently been going through the setup on my TS2424 over again (always felt I could have done a better job of it) and found something I never noticed before. Has anyone noticed that when you put the belt on the motor & arbor pulleys that this changes your heel adjustment? Is this normal? I’m feelin’ kinda dumb here that I never found this before.

    I’ve always taken the belt off in order to have more room for my arms to get in there to loosen and tighten the trunnion bolts but yesterday I found that when I put the belt back on, it changed my heel adjustment 6 to 7 thousandths! I don’t think I ever read about this anywhere but I’m getting older and don’t trust my memory so much. I did a search but didn't turn up anything.

    I’ve taken great pains this time to get everything ‘right on’ even going so far as to buy a SuperBar & MasterPlate. If this reaction is normal how do you compensate for it? I imagine you just have to do the blade heel alignment with the belt and motor hooked up? However, in the owner’s manual, and the order of assembly, the heel alignment comes well before you even mount the motor to the table. Hmmmm. TIA for any insight.


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    The weight of the motor on the belt can change your heel slightly (but usually not enough to cause one to notice a difference in cut quality). If you are concerned with this change simply make your heeling adjustment after the motor has been mounted.