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  • Radial Arm Saw RS1000

    This past weekend i had a bit of an impulse buy when strolling throught the local Home Depot, i spotted a Factory Reconditioned Radial Arm saw for about 40% off the regular price. The tool carries the same warrenty of a new model. So with a little nudge from my wonderful and beautiful wife i bought it.
    Only a few months prior i purchased a Delta Contractor Table Saw. I compaired Rigid, Jet and Delta and decided to go with the Delta for the rip capacity and availability in my area. But i was impressed with Rigid tools as well. I look forward to putting this new saw through the paces.
    Is there anyway to find out more about Factory Reconditioned Rigid Tools? I could really use a Jointer, surface planer, band saw, drill press, dedicated mortise machine...etc

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    Sir Thomas
    I too own a couple of recon tools. I found that frequent visit to the local HD and watch for them to put tyhem out. I tried to have a sales friend of my watch but that didn't work well for what ever reason. I have noticed that not always the price is better if you can be patient and the tool doesn't get sold out from under you they will come down on the price after a month or so. I currently have my eye on a ridgid spindle sander that is missing the accesseries (sp?) I was told that they wouldn't sellit until they order the replavements and my friend is watching for that to happen. I hope this helps and happy recon hunting