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glue squeeze from edge joined boards

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  • glue squeeze from edge joined boards

    I find it is much easier to scrape a joint after the glue has hardened then to use a damp cloth and smear it all over the wood, Then have to sand it all off.

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    You might also consider applying glue to only one surface then sliding the boards together which will leave a thin glue line that requires very little cleanup at all.


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      I like to use plenty of glue to be sure that I get 100% coverage on the surfaces. I have been making some laminated beams out of 2X6's and the glue squeezes out quite a bit. I just let it dry hard, and then sand it off with a belt sander.


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        Good stuff here.
        I have just learned to rub the boards together as I join them till they grab. This is how they did it in the "old day" with hide glue. It assures a good bond that is thin like John said. It also helps keep the boards from "swimming" on the glue which can make them slip as you clamp them. After about 10 - 20 min. the glue has skinned over , but not all the way dry, this is when I find it the easiest to remove with a sharp, but not "scary sharp" chisel that I keep for this purpose.