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Cedar T&G on full bath Ceiling

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  • Cedar T&G on full bath Ceiling

    I'm sure this was asked before but I find no post on it. I would like to install 3/4" t&g cedar planks on my bathroom ceiling and was wondering what you guys suggest to use for a finish, if any.The rest of the house has t&g pine stained light with poly on ceilings. Have teenagers..3 of em so moisture miiight be a concern Menard's & Lowe's have the 3/4" this the correct grade of cedar to use here? Thanks for any help

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    Re: Cedar T&G on full bath Ceiling

    I know that cedar is a good "outdoor" wood, but I (perhaps in ignorance) question it's use in an indoor bathroom. My concern would be mildew. Even with poly or other preservative, the ceiling is definitely a collection point of all the condensation from those many showers. I think significant forced ventilation is going to be essential.

    However, that is just my, perhaps very limited, opinion, based on my experience with the bathroom in a past home. Even with new exhaust fan, showers and the resulting mositure just seemed to be too problematic with the old ceiling and grouted tile. My wife was constantly having to use anti-fungal bath cleaners and use a brush on the grout, etc. I finally just remodeled the whole thing and paneled the walls in fiberglass, and put in a gloss-finished ceiling.

    The main bath in our old home here has oak cabinetry and an oak-finished solid pine paneled door. While the cabinets are okay with whatever the factory finish might have been, I can see significant staining (almost black) where moisture has penetrated in some areas on the door and on the cabinetry that the previous owner had built-in a dozen or so years ago.

    There is a decent exhaust fan there as well as a good-sized window. Perhaps the finish on the doors and built-in wasn't sufficient, but those now need to be replaced as there is no way I can sand out that staining.

    Point of course is whether your proposed ceiling would present an eyesore within a few years. Hopefully a few of the veteran members will jump in here and offer thier considered advice on the cedar.

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