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    Hello everyone.

    I purchase an r4512 a few months ago. Like others on here I was able to use the HF 20% and get a good saw for a great price. I have not had alot of time to play with it yet but what little time I have had on it I have been very pleased. I have a number of other Ridgid tools and have not been disappointed in any of them.

    I do have a couple of question about this saw and would appreciate any guidence that can be offered.

    I had a Cman pro job site saw and wanted to get something a little more heavy duty. One of the problems I had with the Cman was the fence. If the fence was moved and locked down it had a tendency to not be square so I would have to measure from the front of the blade as well as the back. Guess what? I notice this saw does the same thing. I can set the fence to the miter track so it is .002 closer in the front than the back, move the fence toward the blade and lock it down and find it is now .010 closer in front than back. If I move the fence away from the blade it might now be .020 closer in back than the front. It seems the fence does not completely square up before locking the rear of the fence down. Is there any tricks that I might not have thought of. I have read some about the Delta T-2 but I would realy prefer to keep my saw original (not counting the blade of course). I have already built an outfeed table that is attached to the rear rail and folds down when not needed as well as a router table and don't want to have to re-configure these items.

    The next thing I would like to hear about is some of the prefered products used for a ZCTP.

    Sorry for such a long thread for the first one and appreciate any responses.


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    Re: newby

    try this link for making ZCIs:

    Online Extras - Woodsmith Magazine

    regarding the fence squaring, make sure the brace that separates the front and rear rails is set correctly. if it isn't set to exactly the width of the tables, they will flex and that deformation can cause the fence to angle in conformity with the flexed rails. i had a similar problem on my 2412 with a larger ridgid fence system. took a bit of work, but all's well now.
    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.