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3612 dust collection

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  • 3612 dust collection

    Anyone out there in Ridgidville know if the new dust collection shroud supplied on the 3650's is retrofittable to a 3612? I have the factory dust collection kit for the 3612 and at best, it is abysmal. Basically piles up saw dust until the front plate falls off, then all the saw dust falls out.

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    I also have the 3612 dust collection kit connected to a craftsman shopvac. It does collect a good bit of dust - not the fine dust but the coarser dust - helping in cleanup.

    Are you using a shopvac? (Mine is 6.25 peak HP - whatever that means!) do you also have a cover for the back? do a search on this forum, there are plenty of pictures of how to cover the back fo the saw.

    The general consensus in the many discussions on dust collection in this forum is that you need a dust collector not shopvac for "dust collection". Someday I'll get the budget to do it

    On your second question of retrofitting 3650 dust collection shroud to 3612 - i asked ridgid they said it is not supported. I looked at the shroud in HD - it is just a piece of plastic covering the blade. Will require some metalworking skills to attach it to 3612.



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      You could get one of these for the bottom at Penn State :
      ... or the Rockler store here had 'em for $9.95 on the shelf (only thing in the place I could afford ). Multiple sources online.

      ...then look up the old Enclosing TS Back thread, and scroll down to Big Johnson's linked photos.

      Works pretty good. You should have about $15-20 into it and breathe a little easier until the dreaded HF DC goes on sale again... at least that's my dream.


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        You could make the same thing as Mark IV pictured by taking a piece of plywood cut to size and mounting a PVC toilet closet collar in the center. Total cost would be just a couple of dollars.
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          Amazon has this for $5.69