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  • Hey IGITs

    Just checking in from the mountains. Seems like the basement is getting a pretty serious cleaning-up. And judging by my inbox, I'd say we're not all too happy with the cleaner lady!!!

    Talk amongst yourselfs I'll be throughout the day
    Stubert<br />The IGIT without a Forum...

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    Well now, let's see. They get html, we don't, they get polls, we don't. What's not to like?

    I have nothing against Carol but I fail to see why you'd pi$$ off your more knowledgable participants. That, and the fact that they can't seem to keep it running for more than 15 minutes at a time. But be mad, no, not me!!!
    Mike<br /><br />We\'re lost, but we\'re makin good time!


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      I'd say to just give them a chance guys. They said they were working on adding some UBB functionality to the basement, and it was a very major upgrade. If they can get the performance issues sorted out, it should be a nice upgrade. That said, so far I still prefer the old, simple layout that loaded very fast and served its purpose.

      Does anyone know if there were big demands to change things, or did they just think people would like new features? I didn't find anything wrong with the old forums. I already turned off pictures just trying to make the thing load faster. It looks to me like they have a few coding issues to work out, and they may need to add some "horsepower" now that so many database functions are being used. I was about the changes, too, until I reminded myself I was using a free service and that I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth too terribly much.

      As long as they fix things quickly and don't chase off the regulars, I'll be a happy man again.


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        Its all good. Ain't like mom n dad are getting divorced or Grandma drank a gallon of lghter fluid cause you saw her nekkid with yer aunt Maria and went and told Grandpa all bout it and he went and shot yer sister over it cause he was afraid she'd tell the authorities about their "relationship" and then ya found out crabs weren't always sea food and ya hate to tell Buba bout them cause he's made you sore nuff already and.........

        It ain't so bad. Now turn yer haid N cough. [img]redface.gif[/img]
        ToolFool and don\'t rate


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          What happened? I went away on a Long trip came back to nothing. Are they closing down the forum?
          Where is everybody hanging out now?

          Every time I take a trip (I travel to Asia alot) something happens.


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            There was an upgrade to the forum software this week, and they are still trying to sort out the bugs that came up. Hopefully, they will have it working again soon. It does seem to work off and on.


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              Hey all I'm on here too, been here a little longer though. Just went to the other place and it's down for repairs......
              Now how does that work????
              I'm outa here for the weekend and no woodworking this weekend either, on the road next week so I'll see ya all in a week or so.

              It\'s not the quantity or quality of your tools that matters....<br />It\'s all in the firewood that\'s left over.....


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                Carol emailed me and said that until the G&G gets rid of the rancid old pizza and stale beer the forum would be off line [img]smile.gif[/img] Is there a conspiracy to derail the BX3 meet ????

                What's with all you converts getting stars. You know some of us have been here a while and even own a few ridgid tools !