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  • Planer Wannabe?

    Hello all experts, I am looking at my deck and it is starting to give my kids some spinters. I have a lot of deck 50 x 40 of 6" x 10' cedar.
    The big question I have is:
    1) will I be able to plane all the boards down and get a nice smooth finish with the TP1300?

    I have never used a planer before. I have sanded the deck down before but that only lasted 2-3 years.(deck is about 12yrs old now)

    2)Will I have to do any sanding as well as using the planer?

    3)How may boards can I plane on a set of blades and still get a good smooth board? I am looking at at least an 1/8th off? (I know real subjective here, but humor me.. give me a guestimate)

    4) Does anyone have any other suggestions for me? I know it is going to be a lot of work but I refuse to give up my wood deck (wife wants those brick pavers- and that aint gonna happen while I am alive) Thanks all.

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    You can definitely plane down your deck boards to get a new surface. I've talked to several owners who use planers in a similar fashion, planing old floorboards or siding boards to get a new surface.

    You should not have to do any sanding, but I don't imagine that the planed surface will last any longer than the sanded surface. This is where a good quality deck stain or deck sealer is needed. I have seen several deck stains with a 5 year warrantee on horizontal surfaces.

    As far as the knife longevity, planing deck boards will be hard on the knives due to the amount of dirt and particles that get ground into the deck boards from weather and walking on the deck. If the boards are straight and of even thickness then you shouldn't need to take more than a 1/16th off.

    There are wood-like deck products that can be screwed and cut just like wood, but have better weather resistance.