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Red Oak Staining question

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  • Red Oak Staining question

    Hello to all. I am a long time 'listener'and occasional poster.

    I have glued up a top for a coffee table made of 2 pieces of red oak. Each piece is about 12" wide and 45" long and makes a beautiful top - yes it even came out relatively flat (with some judicious sanding). The pieces were separate (not cut from same board), hence my problem. The 2 boards are different shades - one light and one much redder.

    My question involves how to stain it and get both pieces to match reasonably well. I have tested Golden Oak, Golden Pecan, Cherry, and straight PolyUrethane. The Cherry comes the closest to looking similar across both boards.

    I know they will never match perfectly - I would like to get them close enough so that the difference is noticeable - not horrible.

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated and BTW

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

    Of course I can build you one of those - I just need a [new tool]!

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    I do a lot of work with red oak. My suggestion to you is to sand her down and get her good and smoothe. Go down to the big orange box or hardware/paint store of your choice that carries minwax products. Buy your self a can of pre stain conditioner and follow the directions on the can. this will ensure that the stain is absorbed uniformly. Some light sanding between coats of their water based stain of your choice. and a few coats of polycrylic sealer to finish her off. that pre stain conditioner works well for the water based stuff. You will be pleasently surprised. give it a try on some scrap wood if you dont believe me but this will solve your problem. Might take a few coats of stain to blend it, but the effort is well worth the outcome. I swear by the water based minwax stain for several reasons. If i am going to use an oil base i use the pratt and lambert! But the old minwax waterbased is awesome and this will solve your problem.

    good luck and Happy Holidays


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      Thanks for the advice, Space. Gonna try the Golden Pecan and cross my fingers - I like your method (I just don't have the water-based stuff at home and I do have the oil based). I hope it turns out well and I don't end up regretting not using the water based.

      Hope everyone had a merry Xmas.

      Have a safe and Happy New Years.

      Of course I can build you one of those - I just need a [new tool]!