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  • TS3650 AM splitter

    Hello gents and any ladies.

    I recently finished setting up my saw and love the cuts. This forum was very helpful as I check it nearly every day for past few months, however have not had much reason to post.

    But.....I have been given a table saw guard, HTC 10A-L Brett gaurd (call it luck). It requires an aftermarket splitter but I don't know of any that fit the TS3650. I was thinking I may have to alter the OEM splitter/guard to fit my needs. The Brett guard is the same one used by Kelly Mehler in his video (if I'm correct, looks like it). His saw has the Delta-only splitter on it from what I've researched.

    Any ideas or push towards the right direction would be helpful.


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    I'm not 100% sure if this will fit on the Ridgid 3650 or not but a call or email to their CS Dept. should get you some clarification either way. MJ Splitter
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