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  • Which tool to use?

    I'm going to install 4" tongue and groove on a wood frame for a seating area. What pneumatic nailer should I use and what type and size nails?


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    Hi Steve---welcome to the forum!

    Aside from whether this is inside or outside and how finished a look you want----Frankly, if this isn't a large area, I'd be tempted to use screws and plugs. If someone sits down between supports, there might be enough flex in the wood to start popping nails. Obviously, for a seating area you'd want finish nails sunk below the surface. Finish nails from an air nailer really aren't that strong.


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      Second the welcome!

      I also agree with the screw idea. But with a twist, depending on your available tools. If you do not have a plug cutter and do not wish to buy ready cut plugs----you could use finish screws---available at hardware stores and probably other places---I know Ace has them.

      The hole would need to be filled to keep the screw head from rusting, but a dab of silicon will easily do that.

      Otherwise, a 15 gauge nail has the most holding power in a nailer----but a narrow crown stapler has more holding power than the nails.
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